DOB   5/22/2014   ARI   32460681

This is her son Jerecho from Dec 2016

Alexandria is over 8 years old, she has had 3 crias with the best fiber.  

​This is Zelda her daughter from Nov 2016

Cameo is over 3 years, small for her age, strong like her mother, love the fiber. A fawn color we have been breeding for.

DOB  8/15/2007   ARI 1414233     Proven

DOB   4/22/2012   ARI  32283822

DOB   12/9/2009   ARI   31377362   Proven

DOB   6/8/2014   ARI  32460636

This is Ariel her daughter from Nov 2016​

DOB   10/24/2010   ARI  32283839   Proven

Toshiba is 9 years old and has had 6 crias, she is such a mellow girl and very friendly which passes onto her lineage.

Amika is over 4 years old, she was a surprise for us, as we were in breeding season bred once and had to move so didnt think it took .  But surprise it did.  She had a baby girl  around Christmas.

Its a pumpkin, I was told they would love it.  They just thought it was interesting.

She still puts her nose up in the air when we talk.

She keeps to herself, she is very tall, once you catch her she is very sweet,  she received a 1st place ribbon in 2011.

Amikka won 1st place in 2015.

DOB   3/5/2010   ARI  31193636   Proven

This was alex as a 3 month old,  The bucket never stopped her from doing what she needed to do, even nursed.

DOB   1/16/2009   ARI  31193702     Proven

DOB  5/22/2014     ARI  32460629   

She has gotten very fluffy.

This is Hunter her son from Dec 2016

Kricket is a little over 2 year,                                  very awesome fiber, another mellow girl, and a                                       curious one.

DOB  6/12/2010    ARI   32206517

Two new members of the family joined us this month. Not for sale.

Moonbeam is 7 years old looking for a mate, but we only have this  one suri. 

Carlita is 4 years old and will meet her mate sometime this year.  Another very quiet girl.

Miranda a first time mom who fed 4 crias at the same time.  But kept it consistant feeding two.  She is 6 years old.

Christina II  is 7 has been a very fun alpaca since she was born.  She has one son , and a daughter they all 3 have great fiber.  She is 7



Crystal is our photo bomber.  Very nice girl with great fiber, very soft to the touch.  She is over 2 years old.

DOB 6/1/2013   ARI   32727488  proven

1st place in 2010


DOB  4/13/2012  ARI  322838315

Nakita is 4 years old, very strong, proud, with great fiber, loves to nose kiss.

Lydia is 7 years old and has 2 cria's with great fiber.

Crystal won a second place in 2015


Not confirmed pregnancy  due March 15, 2017