Going for a ride in the truck.

Amika got 1st place at her first show she was taken to.

Crystal is our photo bomber, loves the cameras.

Miranda a very mild girl, could care less about whats going on but going to follow everyone.

Christina II is the funnest one we have, she does get an attitude when she is pregnant but fun to still be around.  She got first place in a show we took her too.

Moonbeam is our only Suri alpaca.  She has very silky fiber which is different from the Huacayas.

Byron always has a funny expression. With all that fiber.

Kricket is one of Lydia's cria's.  She is very nice and her fiber is wonderful.  She is over 1 year old.

Not real fond of the camera, of course she is concentrating on something else at the moment.

Not sure what he is looking at but I think its his shadow he's not so sure about.

He is a small 3 year old, with great white shiny, crimpy fiber.  Who had a difficult beginning.

Ducky is one of our studs. Looking forward to seeing his offspring 2016.  His fiber is awesome  as you can see there is a lot of it, he is not fat its all fiber.

Trying to put her on a lead was the most difficult thing for her.

Amika was a wonderful surprise.  We bred her mother once, then had to move so did'nt think she got pregnant but it was a success.  She is 2 years old.

Moonbeam got 1st place in a show her first year of life.

Cameo, she loves the water and is always in it if she can be.

Jaceon one of our boys from last years crop of crias.  His fiber is so great, cant wait to have it spun.

He was one of our bottle fed babies.

Lydia has had 2 beautiful cria's with awesome fiber and conformation.  Her fiber is made into yarn.

Alexandria is almost 7 years old, she had had two cria's.  One girl, one boy, both awesome fiber.  

Being a first time mom she didn't know that she wasn't suppose to be the milk bar.  She actually had 4 on her one day. But mostly kept these two fed. 

Most embarrassed moment, does not bother Alexandria, she nursed and pottied with the bucket over her neck. 

Amika is a gentle alpaca like her mother Toshiba.