We have moved to Wittmann, AZ 

A little help from other family members.  Starting the process of working the raw fiber.

We're dedicated to loving these animals, and taking care of their needs.

We take our products to farmers markets, open barn days, bazaars. And sell at the ranch.

We, Chuck & Sandi Baxter have been raising top quality Huacaya alpacas since 2006.  We  currently have 24 alpacas, but this changes quickly as our females continue to give birth to high quality cria's (offspring).  Alpacas are a wonderful herd animal.  They are very calming and soft to the touch, great to be around with. They have humming noise that they do at times.  This is the new crop of 2016.

We work with their fiber to do many things.  Making felted items, yarn, rugs, weaving, needle felting.  Then using the waste from the alpacas, in gardens, to fields for fertilizer.